I Love Bad B*tches

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The term B*tch has pervaded youth culture and has created complex implications for respect of self and of others–namely women. While its roots reach back some centuries ago, the term has recently been viewed as both a tool of empowerment (via the Feminist movement) and one with definitive pejorative meanings. Who may use it? Who may not? Within which contexts is it appropriate? Join the Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc., and the Sisters of Omega Phi Beta...

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Phinal Phinale

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The ICE COLD Brothers of ALPHA PHI ALPHA Fraternity, Inc. PI PI Chapter Present: PHINAL PHINALE OUR OFFICIAL GRADUATION  PARTY!! If you were at Gorilla Tactics I,  Cold PHront or Gorilla Tactics II then you KNOW how our parties are!!!! Our record is 3 for 3 and we intend finish strong!! Expect nothing less from the Brothers who first devised the VIP Section, buses to and from Union, unparalleled promotion, and the LIVEST parties to ever hit the Capital District!!!...

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The Middle Passage

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By way of spoken word and audiovisual accompaniments, Brothers Suarez and Peters will examine Black heritage along with the perceived connection between previous physical, and contemporary mental bondage. Rampant cultural alienation, lack of knowledge surrounding Black history, crime, apathy, materialism, discrimination of all walks of life, the list goes on…have we reached a symbolic “Middle Passage”?

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Gorilla Tactics II

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The ICE COLD Brothers of ALPHA PHI ALPHA Fraternity, Inc. Pi Pi Chapter Presents:  Gorilla Tactics II, Union’s OFFICIAL Homecoming Party.

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Phinding Love

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New to the campus or would simply enjoy meeting new people? Take advantage of this opportunity to mingle with one another in this speed-dating-like event with a twist .

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Fulfilling the Dream?

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Nearly 50 years since delivering his “I Have A Dream” speech, America has experienced a great deal of progress. Schools were desegregated, racial & gender equality is among us, and we have elected our first black president. Despite these many great achievements we are forced to ask ourselves, have we achieved the “Dream” Dr. King shared with us many years ago?

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